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Electronic / CCTV


Next generation cctv

CCTV is widely used in both crime prevention and detection. The applications of CCTV systems are increasingly incorporated in home security and commercial security systems, staff surveillance, anti-theft surveillance and access control surveillance. CCTV is the ultimate deterrent against theft and vandalism and CCTV is both highly visible and effective.

We can design supply install and commission all kinds of CCTV systems, from the smallest covert camera to the largest multi camera system.

Digital CCTV enables non-stop recording on hard drives, higher image quality and 24 hour remote monitoring when linked to our Alarm Monitoring Centre. Remote viewing enables you to view your CCTV in real-time via the Internet from anywhere in the world.

CCTV monitors can be programmed to enable multiple cameras to be viewed at any one time and can activate via movement sensors so that you can pin-point an alarm activation on any day and time and easily review it without needing to trawl through endless tapes.


Intruder Alarm Systems

We have selected a whole range of equipment taking into account its quality, reliability, style and price. Our decisions are made on years of experience within the industry, therefore, once we have surveyed premises and discussed the customer’s requirements, we will select the best-suited equipment for the job.

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