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Key Holding


Our 24/7 response

Vision on Security Ltd can manage all of your alarm activations and key- holder responsibilities through a dedicated mobile response team. Our highly experienced team will leave you safe in the knowledge that your premises are totally secure and most importantly, your staff are safe.

In the event of a serious incident occurring on site, our professional key holders will organise and manage a wide range of support services including liaising with the emergency services, providing temporary guards, or arranging physical repairs with glaziers and locksmiths.

Vision on Security Ltd guarantee to supply as part of our commitment to our clients:

To use fully trained and licensed response officers

• To respond to all alarm activations in the quickest practical response time
• To arrange physical repairs if required
• To react in accordance with your escalation procedure
• To remove your staff from the danger of dealing with alarm activations
• To limit potential liability claims resulting from serious incidents
• To help you exercise Duty of Care to the Health & Safety Executive
• To produce a detailed report of every attendance and the action for your perusal

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