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Mobile Patrols

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Experienced Patrol Officers

Visits can be made randomly to your premises to prevent anticipation by others. All our mobile officers including dog units are fully equipped with specialist equipment, technology, and training to ensure that any problems, emergencies or incidents are recorded and dealt with in a confident and professional manner.

Our experienced Patrol Officers possess many years’ experience within the security industry and in patrol and alarm response management, giving client the peace of mind that their site will be protected during the hours of darkness. Some of the key elements that the Patrol Officer will look out for and record when attending your site include:

- Suspicious persons on or around the site
- Persons of Interest
- Damage or Graffiti
- Loiterers (Including Juveniles)
- Vehicles of Interest
- Maintenance issues (Lights out, broken locks, damaged reticulation)
- Hazards (Cracks or potholes)
- Litter
- Burn outs in car park
- Lights left on, Windows left open or A/C left on

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