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Static Guarding


high quality manned guarding

Vision on Security Manned Guards has a solid track record in delivering high quality manned guarding tailored to our client’s budget and security needs. Our security officers are licensed and trained to meet the highest standards set by the Security Industry Authority.

We have a robust and effective management infrastructure which allows us to respond to changing needs of our clients. Our team specialise in the static security role and have a proven themselves to be leaders within the industry.

Vision on Security Ltd has worked with many prestigious organisations including Government Departments like the National Health Service and the Environment Agency. We can provide front of house staff trained in all aspect of customer service and other specialist roles.

We can provide the following:

  • Security Officer (Manned Guarding)
    • Access control to prevent unauthorised entry or egress
    • Perimeter protection and vehicle movement control
    • Specialist search officers and counter-terrorism
    • Event management and stewarding
    • First Aid Qualified
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professional attire & development

All officers wear full uniform, including a company identification card; tie; epaulets and any items of customer branded apparel that are deemed appropriate to ensure that a fully integrated presence is presented at all times.

Our officers combine common sense and initiative with an objective work ethic based on equanimity and tact.

Vision on Security ensures that all personnel deployed on operational duty have recourse to appropriate communication methodologies to ensure their individual health and safety is not compromised and to simultaneously seek to provide an effective and expeditious transference of information. Whether via mobile telephones, radio handsets or traditional landlines, timely and effective communication is assured, to strict and published standards.

It is Vision on Security Ltd’s policy that all staff undergo a probationary period during which they will be introduced to the main duties and responsibilities of their post, the performance standards expected of them, the colleagues with whom they will be working most closely.

As a service organisation, the people that work for the organisation are the most important assets and as such, we must make every effort to ensure that we continue to attract and retain the very best people. Vision on Security Ltd is committed to support every member of staff in their personal and professional development, and encourage training as an important aspect of each person’s role within the company. Training will be available to all members of staff irrespective of sex, religion, marital status, disability, age, race, colour, and nationality, ethnic or national origins.

Vision on Security Ltd believes that all employees should be given a clear understanding of the organisational objectives and how their role and personal contribution help to achieve these. Ensuring employees feel involved and thus develop a deeper interest in their working environment can contribute to enhancing individual performance and therefore overall organisational success.

Our organisation relies on its people to deliver the best possible service and care in order to meet our objectives. Therefore, just as we monitor and audit other areas of the business, it is important to systematically review the performance of all our people against appropriate benchmarks, performance indicators and objectives.

Overall, this approach enables us to place Officers on location who are impeccably trained, highly motivated and whom have a clear understanding of exactly what is required of them within their working environment.

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